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How it works


Increased clarity and comprehension in Speech

Single Inductive Ear Hook Headset for Bluetooth® enabled cell phones and computers. Make and receive wireless, hands-free calls via your Bluetooth enabled cell phone.

Simply place the T-coil inductive ear hook over your ear, switch your hearing aid or cochlear implant to T-coil, turn on Beetle H-3ST, and activate Bluetooth on your cell phone or computer.

Special Features

  • Wireless, hands-free cell phone communication via Bluetooth® and T-coil
  • Wireless computer CD/DVD audio and VOIP communications such as Skype via Bluetooth® and T-coil  
  • Single multi-functional button to answer and end calls  
  • Volume controls customize listening level with impressive amplification  
  • Light weight, inductive ear hook provides strong signal strength with reduced background noise  
  • T-coil/Telecoil compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids  

of H-3ST

1. Great sound

2. Lightweight

3. Simple to use