NOiZFREE technology

TM Hooks that work with your hearing aid
or Cochlear implant

Most hearing instruments have a switch with a sign of T or MT. This is an indication that the hearing aid is 'Telecoil Compatible' and can use any device that offers an induction signal.

NOiZFREE products have lightweight hooks that simply rest next to your hearing aid and transfer the sound from your mobile/ cellular phone, music source or PC, directly to the telecoil of your hearing instrument. You get increased sound clarity and speech comprehension.

Simple to Use

Just plug in the NOiZFREE product, switch your hearing instrument to 'T' or 'MT' position and hear what speech and sound should really be like.

One ear or Two ? (Mono or Stereo)
NOiZFREE products provide the user with solutions for one or both ears. Even if one ear has normal hearing then the NOiZFREE HR model incorporates a hook for your hearing instrument and a normal earphone for the other side. 


NOiZFREE products cover most sound areas.
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